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Re: my cookware

Seasoning with oil doesn't mean you have to cook something with it. It
you take some vegetable oil, smear it around the pan/utensil, then wipe it

I don't know the why's or wherefore's of this method.  Just know that it
has been
the recommended way of seasoning for many years.  I wonder if a quick spray
of Pam would work too.

Reminds me of a pewter beer mug I was given years ago.  I was told to
it with beer--pour beer into it before using it for anything.   Then
continue using
it for beer and nothing else.     

Lee Ann

Gayle wrote:
> 	I've got a cookware question. I just got a beautiful new Calphalon
> casserole. However, this lovely pot is not nonstick, and the directions
> care say that seasoning is necessary, i.e.-use oil. Does anyone have any
> the Calphalon non non-stick cookware, and if so, what did you do to break
> the pot/pan in properly?
> 	This pot is too beautiful to ruin and if I really have to, I'll cook
> oil to season the pot and feed the results to my roommate. Any
> or ideas?
> Gayle