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Dr. Ornish on PI

Deb said:

> I don't know if anybody saw this but Dr Ornish was on the TV show
> Politically Incorrect Wednesday night. He tried to get his lowfat healthy
> lifestyle across and got absolutely BLASTED by the host and all three
> guests. They all assumed that very lowfat veggie food was exceedingly
> boring and would seriously impinge on their quality of life. They all
> would rather take the 'crash and burn' lifestyle. They thought that you
> didn't really live longer following the Ornish plan, it just seemed that
> way. I kind of felt bad for Dean but he did get some good jokes in. It is
> just upsetting that his lifestyle plan got such a negative reaction from
> all the other people on the show.
YES!  This is exactly how I felt.  He was just steamrolled by the
other people.  But, now I understand why my friends think my eating
plan is so restrictive.  They say they could NEVER follow it.  Gee, I
guess it's only us intelligent ones who eat this way!  ;-)