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Re: Public Reaction

ROSEY1@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Public Reaction to Dr. Ornish:
> Deb wrote that Dr. Ornish got a withering reaction on Politically 
> Incorrect recently--by the moderator as well as all three guests.

Uh Duh, what did you expect?  Are you a fan of the show?  Ornish when on 
because because any PR is better than no PR.

Mayer is not Oprah Winfrey.  If Ornish wanted his hand held with sensitive, 
serious conversation, he should call Winfrey, not Mayer.

It would be curious to know if Ornish's agent knew what Politically Incorrect 
was about.

> This is not at all surprising. My guess is that when the guests 
> on the show start to develop degenerative diseases (so common 
> with the SAD diet), they'll have a more open mind. Most people 
> who appear on these programs are actors who are attractive and 
> young. They are not usually known for being erudite.

I doubt it.  I know diabetics who had to get amputations from gangrene caused by 
poor circulation.  The circulation problems were due to not be compliant on their 
diabetic diets.  After all that they still cheat.  I wouldn't count on the actors 
have a more open mind after their arteries are clogged.  
> I think they probably set him up. After all, the idea is to make 
> the program "entertaining." If they make fun of him, there will 
> be laughter. 
> How ironic is that Dr. Ornish is saving thousands of lives accross 
> the Country. He will have the last laugh.

I think you are taking this all too serious.  If Ornish was "set up", then he should 
fire his agent.  This show NEVER has serious conversions on anything.  It always 
degrades into one liners and stupidity.

It's like expecting a Jerry Springer show not to have a cat fight.