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questions and answers

Hi everyone. I've been enjoying the list a lot. Your suggestions and recipes
are great!

To respond to Kristin who inquired about adjusting mixes, I do that all the
time. I usually substitute egg beaters (for eggs) and applesauce for oil. My
friend Megan substitutes mashed bananas for the eggs & oil in any given recipe.
I think the subs make the mixes a lot better than if they had the eggs & oil
(so heavy and gross!); non-lf/vegetarian friends confirm this. Also, depending
upon where you live, there are many fatfree muffin mixes out there, some of
them are quite good. I recently saw a rating of these mixes; I think it was in
Shape magazine last month.

Looking for advice -- I've found that while eating vlf for the past year and a
half, my sugar intake is through the roof. Any advice out there on how best to
cut down or eliminate my 2nd favorite vice?  I'm wondering if my sugar
addiction is really a vitamin deficiency. Or just a youthful yearning for a
sugar buzz (By the way, had a great dessert yesterday. Frozen banana slices
with ff chocolate syrup and ff whipped topping -- you see my issue?).

Also -- has anyone tried evaporated skim milk?  What do you do with it?  Use it
in coffee?

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