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Fat-free Soy Milk

I've been using Westbrae's fat-free soy milk for a few months now.  You
probably won't care for it as a beverage, but it works fine for me with dry
breakfast cereal.  It's even thinner-looking and -tasting than skim cow's
milk but doesn't have an offensively strong flavor.  I've only used it in
recipes a couple of times, but it worked fine--but, for all I know, water
may have sufficed in those instances, too.  Because I started out with the
higher fat soy and rice milks, I've been very pleased with the ff soy milk.  


>Now, back to the topic of food --- I've recently started seeing fat-free soy
>milk in the stores.  Has anyone tried this stuff?  Any reviews?

     Jane Smith		           			
     Special Collections, Pickler Memorial Library                     
     Truman State University (formerly NMSU)		
     Kirksville, Missouri  USA