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Homemade Seitan Revisited

This is an old topic that we discussed sometime last year.  But since
I've got two balls of homemade seitan (someone finally straightened me
out on the pronunciation, it's say-tan, not see-tein) simmering in the
pot I couldn't resist bringing the topic back to the fore.

Being tired of fluffy seitan, I finally looked up "simmer" in the "Joy
of Cooking."  It recommends a temperature between 140 and 185.  I've
got a thermometer clipped to the side of the pot and right now it is
reading about 170 despite my best efforts to bring it down to 150.

But it's not BOILING, and to me, that's all that matters.  The seitan
will come out the way I want it.  I'm planning on sautéing onions
(with zero fat added, of course), slicing the seitan while it is still
warm and pouring fat-free BBQ sauce (just some ketchup with liquid
smoke added) and smothering it with the caramelized onions and serving
it with some pinto beans and slightly steamed kale or some fresh diced

Since the last time I posted, I bought a flour mill which assures me
that I'm getting what I pay for: organic whole wheat flour.  Nothing
like milling it yourself.

BTW, I cannot STAND the classic broth in which seitan is usually
prepared, so I make a vegetable broth with a whole onion, two whole
carrots (sliced the long way, then diced) and celery.  That yields
about a quart of liquid to which I add enough additional water to make
a gallon.

(The veggies then go to the compost heap!)

Making seitan at home is so relaxing and, for nuts like me, FUN!

The aroma of the vegetable stock is wafting through the house, a most
delightful aroma for this vegetarian.


Too bad the bad guys are going to appeal to another federal court.

Ciao and howdy to all my old friends on the list.

Bev Kurtin
Hurst TX