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Grad Student Stuffings

Some ideas for you, Patti...

I am also a grad student (have been for 5 years!).   I've found some
things that work pretty well for me...satisfies that "need" to munch
when I study. (I think it's just nerves...).

I keep an air popper in my office and a jar of popcorn--a couple of
shakes of popcorn, and I've got a small bowl to get me through at least
a few journal articles.  I also have access to a microwave so that I can
make flavored coffees (fat-free, sugar-free).  I have found that these
two things in combination really satisfy that "munching" thing, as well
as my sweet tooth.  If you don't have access to a microwave, one of
those electric things that you stick in a coffee mug would work, too.
Of course, if you're studying at home, probably neither of those things
is a problem!

I also keep at least one piece of fruit on my desk...and a knife.  I
slice an apple into 8 pieces and nibble on it while I'm reading.  A cup
of cold grapes are pretty satisfying, too.

These food/reading things are probably not a good habit to get into, but
it's what gets me through--and these food choices are a lot better than
a bag of candy or package of cookies!  Looking forward to seeing what
other people suggest!  Good luck!

Cat (Catherine) Skinner