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mashed potato recipe

For susan who was after a mashed potato recipe.  My favourite is to roast a
head of garlic in the oven for 45mins/1hr? (do it when you are using the oven
for something else).  The cook the potatoes and mash them, grind in some pepper
and salt and mash up with some of the garlic squeezed out.  I use probably a
large clove per person.  YUM!

For Gloriamarie re family sized portions.  I am vege/VLF/no dairy (you can't
get lf cheese etc in NZ so I just don't eat it) except milk and occasionally
yoghurt.  I have two SAD flatmates so I always cook for myself, and it never
takes very long...I know what you mean about cooking large portions making you
over eat.  One solution is to cook enough for two and reserve half for the next
days lunch (I take it to work and either have it cold or nuke it), for some
reson it is easier to cook for two than for 1.  I often make stir fry veges or
tomato pasta sauces with veges and chickpeas or tomato vege stew which are
really easy and only take 10minutes and have them over
rice/bulgar/couscous/pasta or as a soup.  Because you are not following a
recipe you just put in the quantity you want and add diffferent spices each
time...italian one night, indian, moroccan, thai (stirfry) etc.  Hope this
helps...I do sympathise.  Oh, and when you dish up your dinner, put the
remainder in the container for lunch straight away so you don't have to clear
up later once that full feeling has gone...

Good luck