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single cooks, family portions

Hmm ... you know, I never really thought about the threat of overeating
when making large portions of food.  Talk about food for thought!!  I've
managed to avoid this for several reasons:

1)  Sometimes I make large portions, eat them nightly until I get tired of
them, and then freeze the rest for another week.  Chili & other beans are
great candidates for this.

2)  I make a soup that can double as a pasta sauce.  It's usually something
with tomatoes, beans & spices (good example is Mexican Lentil - it's
literally just 1 c. lentils, 2 c. salsa, a sprinkle of chili powder & an
onion if I've got it).  All I have to do is take the soup, add a few frozen
veggies in & I've made a different meal (at least different enough for my
taste after getting home exhausted after a long day).

3)  To avoid overeating, I do all of the typical dieting things - small
plates, carefully measured portions, not leaving the container out on the
kitchen table (making it easy to get seconds), that sort of thing.  It
helps stretch out the food, making it easy on the waistline *and* the

Overall, I'd rather cook something in large portions once in a while than
deal with smaller meals more frequently.  Sure there are tradeoffs, but
ultimately I'd rather have something quick, FF and redundant than the


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