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Re: Veggie Oysters Sauce

On Fri, 6 Mar 1998, Tresa Ballard (202) 434-6715 wrote:

> I just have a few questions.  Where can I find vegetarian oyster sauce?  In
> what type of store should I be looking? 

I found my veggie oyster sauce at the local Chinese grocery store.  If I 
could find veggie fish sauce, I would be completely happy.

Speaking of Chinese grocery stores, someone else had a question about the 
dried mushrooms they saw there.  I'd always thought that these were 
shitakes, though I don't know what the technical difference between those 
and Chinese black mushrooms is.  When rehydrated, they look like shitakes 
to me.  They are _dramatically_ cheaper than the pre-packaged gourmet 
packs of dried mushrooms.  I think the gourmet packages are over-priced 
because they know they're marketing to yuppies.  That's why I love my 
Chinese grocery store--plus the woman who runs it is the nicest person 
I've ever met.  I only go in about 4 times a year and she still knows who 
I am and let me take home a bottle of sake on credit when I didn't have 
enough cash with me.

Susan "No connection to the Silver Wok, just a satisfied customer" Lehman