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instant soups

I don't know what part of the work you lurk from, but I have made up some
instant soup mixes from ingredients found at my local health food store,
and I think most of these same ingredients are available in the health food
section of most supermarkets.

Instant dehydrated bean flakes, pinto or black
Instant TVP chili

I use equal portions of each.  Add hot water to acheive the consistency you
want, stir, let stand a couple minutes.  Eat.  We actually take this along
on trips to Europe, etc, for emergency rations.  Have even re-hydrated it
with hot tap water, not the best but when you are hungry, it works.

If you have a refrigerator at work, buy a tup of miso paste.  Add a
spoonful to a mug of hot water and you have a nice snack.

Regards,   Jan

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