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Joining Healing-Heart Support Group

Apparently my instructions were not exactly complete.  Here's the whole
--------- Begin forwarded message ----------
From: "Dr. Neal Pinckney" <heart@xxxxxxxxx>
To: annulla@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Joining Healing-Heart Support Group
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 15:44:31 -1000 (HST)
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.3.94.980302154257.6535A-100000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The purpose of Healing-Heart mailing list is to provide a support 
group for those who are trying to reverse or prevent coronary heart
disease, primarily from plaque, high cholesterol, high blood pressure
and other risk factors; to explain, encourage and motivate people to 
change their lifestyle to very low fat, vegetarian nutrition; to 
engage in regular exercise that provides cardiovascular benefits; to
better handle stress; and to enhance connections with others.

The list is a combination of recent medical information, personal 
experiences of members, questions and answers, hints and tips, 
resources and anything else related to reversing heart disease.

To join (subscribe to) the Healing-Heart list, send an ordinary email
message to:   waste@xxxxxxxxx 

<> If you'd like the regular version of the list, where each message 
is sent to you as soon as it is posted, send the following line:
        subscribe healing-heart 

<> If you'd prefer the digest version, where all the posts are held 
until the end of the day and sent to you in a single message, with 
a list of contents, send the following line:
        subscribe healing-heart-digest    

Only one of these text lines should be in the message body. No 
subject is needed. 

General information and guidelines are automatically sent to all new 

For those who would like to read something about this list before
they join, a web page (which is seldom updated) is at:


(The Healing Heart Support Group list does not accept recipes because 
there is an excellent email list which provides very low fat 
vegetarian recipes and related discussion (with an archive of thousands 
of recipes). It is called "FatFree". Instructions for subscribing to 
FatFree are in the introductory file that is sent to all new Healing 
Heart subscribers.)  

Neal Pinckney  <owner-healing-heart@xxxxxxxxx> 

--------- End forwarded message ----------

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