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Barley Miso etc.

Aiko said the Miso Master Barley Miso she had was not good tasting.  I have
some Miso Master and the lid also says:  Organic Traditional Country Barley
Miso, it did not mention mugi--I have heard it called that, but maybe she
happened to get a product tub that was old, even though it seems to last a
long time.  Also maybe it is different tasting in the shelf pkg., rather than
the refrigerated kind which I buy.  Anyway mine tastes delicious.

Agree totally with the fatfree margerine, it was so disgusting with the first
taste that I threw it out.  I am trying to not use any margerine at all and if
the bread is a tasty product you do start to get used to it, but sometimes I
use a couple of quick sprays of I Can't Believe It's not Butter, I've heard
you can use a smear of olive oil too, probably not appropriate for this list.
My grand daughter buys a vegan margerine in Oregon, I can't remember the name
of it, and I don't know the fat content, does anyone know anything about a
vegan marg.?  

Any suggestons out there for using Dulse the sea vegetable?  There are tips in
the books, but I wondered if someone has a favorite way of using it.  Also I
hope someone will share the brand name of a good nutritional yeast, the kind
that tastes cheesy.

Thanks so much--

Barbara in sunny but very cold today, Florida