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re Shredded Wheat

WOW!  Fellow lovers of Shredded Wheat!  *Spoon Size Shredded Wheat & Bran*
is my all-time favourite breakfast, and here is how I ***LOVE***to eat it:

2 cups Shredded Wheat & Bran
1 cup FF Vanilla Rice Milk
I large banana, chunked

I think it is soooooooo tasty, I could have in morning, noon, and night.
On a smaller scale, I'll have a cup of cereal mixed with a cup of FF
rasberry yogurt..also yummy.  I'd love to hear more favourite breakfast
ideas from the group, if anyone has any to share.

PS>  Not that it matters , but just FYI, this cereal is not American, but
Canadian based.  It has been manufactered in Niagra Falls by Kraft Canada
(Post, previously Nabisco)  since 1904, using Canadian whole wheat.  Looks
like all those breakfasts spent reading the cereal box have finally paid