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Fatfree in Canada, Yves Veggie Ground Round

Linda wrote:
> I'm new to this list, and would just like to say that it's the best
> thing I've found on the Net. It's informative AND fun! Keep it up ..
> please ... :o)
> I would like to know if there are any other Montrealers on this list who
> could recommend a good place to shop for fatfree products. Canada is
> restricted in this domain, and so far I have had no success.

I'm not a Montrealer, but I just wanted to point out that Canada is not 
really restricted. What happens is that our labelling laws are more severe 
(or more honest, if you like). US manufacturers can call something fatfree 
if it has less than 0.5g of fat per serving, no matter how small the 
serving has to be to reach this state. Here something like that would be 
called lowfat. Check labels.

BTW, I've wondered recently if the laws have been changed. Yves products 
are labelled fatfree, and they contain about 0.2g of fat per serving.

Aiko wrote (about Yves Veggie Ground Round):
> If someone has tried this product and have other ways you've had success
> cooking it, let me know.  (I made a mistake and ordered a whole case
> instead of a single from my coop :-).

I used it instead of TVP in the mini m**tless loaves recipe posted here 
recently, and it turned out great. I also use it to make "m**tballs" and 
suchlike. In fact, for anything in which in a previous life I would have 
used ground m**t.

Be well, Hadass

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