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Re: Instant Soup Recipes NEEDED!

(Apology for sending an irrelevant post went privately)

OK, here's what I do.  Go to the health food store and get the following:

cous cous
whole wheat couscous
freeze dried black bean flakes
freeze dried other instant bean flakes
instand ff hummous or refried bean mix
sunflower sprouts
shredded carrots
shredded cabbage mix (for cole slaw)
any other shredded veggies you like.

Mix some of these, add spices, and then add hot water at work and let sit
in a thermos for 10 minutes to rehydrate.  You can add spices, too, if you

I really like black beans, cous cous, salsa and boiling water.  I think
that's my favorite combination.

-Sandra Mort