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microwave corn poppers

To Elizabeth Rowe and interested others:  Elizabeth was referring to the
Presto PowerPop, which has a picture of Orville on the box. I bought mine a
few months ago in a store that was going out of business so I don't know
whether the info I have is still applicable. From my experience you can
reuse the cardboard bottoms (called PowerCups) until they are mostly
blackened. The instruction booklet says you can reorder the PowerCups by
calling 1-800-995-9960 between 8am and 4:30pm Central Time or write to
Presto PowerCup Concentrators, PO Box 1212, Eau Claire, WI 54702-1212. One
package of 8 (part 09964) costs $1.49 (US); postage and handling (US only)
costs $1.00; and Wisconsin residents must add 5% sales tax.

I love this popper (I'm not affiliated with the company). It's fast, quiet,
and very few kernals remain unpopped. My hot air popper was not nearly as
efficient and was so noisy that I hated using it!  Bette