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VLF Veggie junk food

Just wanted to pass along recommendation for a new product I tried...

These, served together with non-fat french fries (PC Unfried French Fries -
0 fat), makes a junk food lunch that still comes well under the guidelines
for this list.

TGF Famous Fillo Pies comes in two flavours at my local Loblaws - Mushroom
and Leek (low fat - just over 10% calories from fat), and Spinach and Cheese
(high fat - over 50% calories from fat)

The mushroom and leek pie weighs about a quarter of a pound has only 1.9
grams of fat and has a great wild mushroom taste - it doesn't list what type
of mushrooms it contains.

I actually called the number on the box to ask about their products and
spoke with Victor Fradkin, the president of the company.  He tells me that
they also make Jonathan T products which are appetizer-sized versions of
these pies.  I recall from looking at those in the market that a portion of
the proceeds from Jonathan T products goes to a charity.  These products are
available at Longos and Maxi in the Toronto area.  They also make totally
vegetarian samosas, but these are only available at their plant.

He also mentioned that the cheese in the spinach and cheese product is
biological rennet - derived from cultures, not tripe.  He seems to be
knowledgeable in veggie concerns and welcomes any questions about his

TFG contact info
Concord, Ontario
(905) 669-0700
(800) 387-7437
Victor Fradkin e-mail: porchefradkin@xxxxxxxxxxxx

I am not affiliated in any way with this company - I just was happy to get
good answers to the questions I asked when I called.

Karen Lopez
http://www.infoadvisors.com - home of the IRM Bookstore,
where 100% of the proceeds go to IT-related
non-profit and charitable organizations