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cold, brown bag lunches

I agree with the person who wants to eat lunch under a tree.  There is a
unending number of combinations for cold salads.

Brown rice, peas, scallions, sliced water chestnuts, dress with diluted
rice vinegar

Black beans, corn, diced bell peppers, red onions or scallions, sprinkle
with ground cumin and vinegar.

baked sweet potatoes, cool, wrap and chill.  Yummy dessert, bake them long
and slow, delish.

tabboule (SPELLING?)  bulgar wheat, soaked, lots of shopped parsley,
chopped scallions, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, a little chopped mint if you
like it authentic.  Dress with lemon juice.  I like to add garbanzo beans.

Potato and green bean salad.  Cooked white potatoes and steamed green
beans, add whatever you like, onions, celery, etc.  Dress with a nice
vinegar or lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Let your imagination run wild.

Jan Gordon  jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx
"We are all the guests of the green plants..."
Ismail Serageldin, V P, Environmentally Sustainable Development