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Re: daily meal plans.


I sent this email in last Wednesday, but I didn't show up.. So I thought
I would send it a again.

I had such a wonderful response to my request for study snack ideas,
that now I feel a little braver in asking a couple more questions.. :)

I am new at the Vegetarian Life .
Looking back through the recipes I have received from here,
I only see a few breakfast recipes.
What are some good filling energy breakfasts?

Now, Then for a regular everyday menu.
What is a good basic full rounded meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner,
Vegetarian Style?
I have a Vegetarian Cook Book, but it doesn't have any suggested meal

Sometimes I am confused at which things go good together.
Sometimes, I feel like I am not putting enough combinations together, or
I might,
be adding too much..
I sure appreciate your suggestions.
Thank you..
Patti  in Seattle..ICQ #8315451