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Re: soymilks

Kelly wrote:

> I like it OK, but it is thinner for cereal than I like, so sometimes
> I do get the Westsoy Plus Lite (lowfat).  What I cannot find is the
> Westsoy Plus in Nonfat, only lowfat.  The Plus has added
> vitamins & minerals that milk would usually have (like calcium & vitamin
> D).
> I am a little worried on not getting enough calcium otherwise...
This morning I made chai tea using Westsoy Nonfat vanilla with calcium
and vitamin A and D added.  To give the soy milk more body, protein and
calcium I added 1 or 2 tablespoons of "Better than Milk" Lite dry powder
with 50% daily value of calcium in every 2 tbsp. serving and .5 gram of

Just checked my boxes of soy milk and the Westsoy Nonfat has (per 8 oz.
calcium 20%, vitamin A 10% and vitamin D 25%, 0 fat and 3 gm. protein.
The Westsoy Plus has: calcium 35%, vitamin A 10%, vitamin D 25% and
vitamin B2 25%, and 4 gm. fat and 6 gm of protein.  Not much difference
in vitamin percentages, but a lot more fat and significantly more
protein in the Plus.  Adding dry soy milk to nonfat will boost the good
calcium, protein, body and taste without adding any fat.

Anybody know the isoflavone values of the different kinds and brands of
soy milk?