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Some of you guys out there asked me for the recipe for chocolate matzohs
and microwave apple chips, so I thought I'll share my culinary secrets

BTW, Meryl, I did get ALL your emails to me.

Here's how I do my chocolate matzohs, you can make it plain (& boring) or
any flavours you can think of (vanilla, coffee, chocolate). Matzoh's
basically water and baker's flour. Pour the flour into a bowl, add water
and stir. Stop before all the water is absorbed. Knead the dough HARD, you
want it to end very stiff. Once all the flour has absorbed water and you're
left with an elastic SMOOTH ball of dough, roll it out thinly - the thinner
the better. Prick it all over with a fork and place into a hot oven
preferably on a pizza stone. Watch it!! Take it out as soon as they're
cooked through or light brown and crisp - this will take a few minutes. To
make the chocolate one, I add cocoa powder (to replace some flour) and
SweetNLow and knead till I see a nice chocolatey dough, sometimes I add
some non-diary FF creamer (dry powder) to the dough. Taste before baking.
To make the vanilla one, I add creamer and vanilla essence. Experriment!! I
like my chocolate matzohs with a dollop of cold vanilla yogurt cheese in
between - sort of like a FF Oreo.

For microwave apple chips, I discovered it by chance. I have this gadget
(very cheap from hardware stores) that I'd bought to make FF potato chips.
You basically slice you potatoes real thin, place it in the gaps of the
gadget allocated and nuke it in the microwave oven. I didn't like the FF
potato chips, so I'd tried apple chips. They were wonderful. I liked the
ones I'd made with green apples. I add some lemon to it to reduce oxidation
effects before nuking. Don't add salt! The apple chips will curl up into a
crepe-like shape! 

For the cereaal and what to add to it issue - I usually add my cereal to
yogurt rather than the other way round. So I'm actually eating yogurt as a
snack. The overall 200 calories consumed will have loads more protein in it
and less sugar. Blueberry Light Yogurt rules!! And I wish Dannon wasn't so
expensive in Singapore!!!

Munch on!!

Karen Lim