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FF: Making Yoghurt Cheese

This has got to be just about the simplest cooking task there is.  Imake it
this way:  I take a coffee filter (cone shaped) and fit into a very large
funnel which I sit over a jar.  I dump in the yoghurt and let it sit and
several hours later I have cheese.  I keep the whey and use it in cooking:
stock, sauces, soups, bread...whatever i happen to be cooking that requires
some liquid.

To make yoghurt:  I use nonfat powdered milk. I mix up the milk, pour it
into a pot, heat it to 120o, dump in 1/4 C starter ( yoghurt from the last
batch or any of the following brands: Stoneyfield farm's, Axelrod's, Brown
Cow or any other brand that lists the names of the bacteria on the carton.
If it just says contains live cultures I don;t use it as that also means it
contains gelatin).  Then I stick it into my oven and let the pilot light
turn it into yoghurt.

If you don't have a gas oven you can use a heating pad ( wrap everything up
in towels), a thermos (again the towels).  Some people report success using
their radiators (again towels).

I most emphatically don't recommend yoghurt makers because you still have
to do all the work of heating the milk etc.  And those things make the
teeniest batches of yoghurt...unless they have changed them since the last
time I looked at them.

Gloriamarie, writing to you from San Diego, celebrating the Return of
Perfect Weather.  Come and enjoy it with me!!

 The trouble with life is, you're half way through it before you realize
it's a "do it yourself" thing.