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Jessica wrote:
>   Since Andrea brought up passover, I'd like to request FF vegetarian
> passover recipes that anyone has.  That means no legumes, rice, soy
> products, corn products, and ofcourse grains.

Jessica, have a look at the newsgroup rec.food.cuisine.jewish. Passover is 
in full swing there. Of course most of the stuff is neither vegetarian nor 
FF, but there's a lot that can be adapted. Also, I recommend Debra 
Wasserman's vegan Passover cookbook, whose name I forget at the moment. You 
can find it by looking at the Vegetarian Resource Group's web site, at 

>   Andrea, I'd love to see the recipes you have and the article with the
> ruling on Quinoa.

I saw the article at www.kashrut.com, I'm sure that's where Andrea saw it, 

Be well, Hadass

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