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Portland Oregon Vegetarian friendly restaurants

Hi..elle here.
Portland abounds with great restaurants for folks with  vegetarian and 
low fat food needs.
By far, the best known is Macheesmo Mouse..it's a chain and there are 
several in the Portland area.  Their Veggie Burrito is wonderful.  It has 
a rather unique sauce that I would advise asking for 'on the side' the 
first time you try it.
Additionally, Old Wives Tales, located close in on the east side of the 
Willamette has a large selection of low fat and Vegetarian dishes.
If you will be downtown Portland, there are lots of small cafes that have 
bento and grilled veggies and a particularly wonderful streetside kiosk 
on the Transit Mall.  Debbie, the burrito maker at "El Sol" , packs a fat 
free wheat tortilla with fat free black beans, vegetarian refried beans, 
lettuce salsa onions and olives for $3.75.  It's a meal and a half!
I suspect there is a Macheesmo Mouse in Salem (I know there is one in 
Seattle at the Airport).
One of my favorite places is Braseree Montmarte, where the French onion 
soup (ok..there IS cheese on it but...) is to die for and the soup and 
Caesar salad make a very nice meal.
Of course, Portland is the home of the Gardenburger, and it's available 
at several fast food restaurants including Dairy Queen (you have to be 
VERY specific about what you want on it or you get oodles of their fatty 
sauce)..I think either Burgerville or BurgerKing also has started 
carrying the gardenburger.
If you haven't a Trader Joes in your home town, you have to go..there is 
one in Beaverton and a couple of others scattered around.  Trader Joes is 
one of my fat free and veggie mainstays.
And....I'd like to invite all of you who are interested to join the 
Vegetarian Weight Removers list...A weight loss support list 
for..vegetarians and fat free dieters.
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