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Guide to vegetarian resteraunts etc

For all you lucky people who are traveling :)
heres a Web Address with Resteraunts, Stores, Organizations an dmore.

I've compared its contents for NYC to what I know is here and its very

Birds Nests. From "The Classic Chinese Cookbook" by Mai Leung.
" These are no ordinary birds' nests! They are the nests of sea swallows of
Southern Asia. Instead of using grass and twigs, the swallows digest seaweeds
and sea plants and turn them into gelatinous fluid which they spit out to
build their nests.......The nests of top quality are free from feathers,
shaped like small petals o fthe water lily, hard and wax colored. Less
expensive nests are darker in color with som etiny feathers attached. The most
popular kindds serrved in resteraunts aare pieces of broken nests or crumbs of
ground up nests that are made into balls or patties.
        In spite of it s preciousness, the nest is almost odorless and
tasteless. Its flavor dependdds soley on being cooked in good broth, borrowing
flavor from the other ingredients. "

I cant tell you about how beneficial it is or not. It certainly sounds like it
has a lot of nutrients. I see an Acupuncturist who "prescribes" Chinese Herbs.
I have found  them to be incredibly helpful. I rely on him, for the most part
, to prescribe them. And, Chinese "Herbs" is a misnomer. Or at least not Herbs
as we know them. As they include all kinds o fthings more usually regarded as
Food and Spices, like mushrooms, Cinnamon, Ginger etc. Anyway, in my opinion,
its better to find someone who really knows the whole system o f Chinese
Medicine, to prescribe things like that. It all depends on what or where your
body / spirt are and its a very different "system" than Western Medicine.
Hope that helped. 

grams to Tablespoons. The USDA Guide to Nutrients on the Web provides answers
to this for almost any food you can think of. Cept Seitan.
Sugar, granulated
1 cup = 200 g.
1 tsp = 4.2 g
1 Tbs. = 12.6 g
1 packet = 6 g
1 lump/2 cubes = 5 g

The web address of the search engine is :

Its been very helpful to me, though occasionaly comes up short.

                     Take Care all,
                          Merrickk ( WCDancer@xxxxxxx)