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re: ...sigh....went to the doctor yesterday....

Gloriamarie said:

> but MacDougall cookbooks and Ornish cookbooks don't have the grocery
> lists....plus all of the meal plans are for family sized
> prepearations...which means the danger of over eating.  Plus so many times
> these recipes want a person to have 1/2 of a grapefruit one day and then
> never have any more grapefruit that week and the rest of it goes bad.  Or a
> recipe calls for some of this and some of that and I put the remainder away
> in the fridge and it goes bad.   I can't afford to be wasting food.  I am
> on a fixed income, so I have to watch every penny.
First,  congratulations on wanting to start working on your health.
You won't regret it.  The McDougall recipes can all be halved.  Or, if
you want, you can make a whole recipe and freeze the rest for another
time.  I live in a household of 2, but my hubby doesn't like what I
make, so I understand cooking for 1!  I pick out 2-3 recipes per week
and shop for their ingredients on Sundays.  I buy only the produce I
need for the week so it won't spoil.  At dinner time, I cook a meal,
and it usually lasts 2 nights.

You can eat ALL YOU WANT of almost ALL of McDougall's recipes.  This
is the JOY of McDougalling!  I NEVER pay attention to how much I eat,
just WHAT I eat.  I whipped up a batch of one of his soups one night
and ended up eating a huge bowl of it.  My hubby couldn't believe I'd
eaten that much.  So, as long as you follow McD principles, don't
worry about overeating.  (I lost 85 pounds in 1997, so I know of what
I'm speaking.)  And who ever heard of eating 1/2 grapefuit?  Eat it
ALL if you want it!

As far as preparing a shopping list, this isn't too hard.  As I said
before, do all of your shopping one day of the week and buy just what
you need that week.  McD food freezes very well, and I usually have a
few entrees in my freezer at any given time.

You can always keep cooked brown rice and cooked beans in the
refrigerator.  For a quick meal, mix together rice, beans, frozen
veggies, and my favorite flavoring blend of:  whole grain mustard,
maple syrup, Bragg's Liquid Aminos, and vegetarian worcestershire
sauce.  Yum!

Good luck!