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McDougalling for one

Gloriamarie wrote:

> but MacDougall cookbooks and Ornish cookbooks don't have the grocery
> lists....plus all of the meal plans are for family sized
> prepearations...which means the danger of over eating.  Plus so many times
> these recipes want a person to have 1/2 of a grapefruit one day and then
> never have any more grapefruit that week and the rest of it goes bad.  Or a
> recipe calls for some of this and some of that and I put the remainder away
> in the fridge and it goes bad.   I can't afford to be wasting food.  I am
> on a fixed income, so I have to watch every penny.

Gloriamarie, I'm pretty sure the Vegetarian Resource Group puts out a cookbook called The
Single Vegan or something like that. You might want to have a look on their website (just search
on their name and you'll find it). You could easily adapt some recipes from there, if you have the
time and energy.

In any case, I can sympathise. I, too, am trying to do McDougall. I have a vegetarian but firmly
dairy-eating husband and a two-year-old who needs every fat gram he can get. So I am essentially
cooking McDougall stuff just for myself. What I do is cook, say, the a la King sauce and keep it
in a plastic container in the fridge. It stays just fine for at least a week and probably more. If I
eat that three times a week, it isn't often enough to be boring (and I can put it on different
things - rice one night, pasta another, baked potato a third) and I get through it. I might make
the marinara sauce to eat the other three nights.

Good luck! As to the extra half grapefruit, how about squeezing it and keeping the juice in a
container in the fridge? I'm sure it would keep quite a bit longer.

> --
> Gloriamarie  writing to you from San Diego, whose is pretty darned sure all
> her complaints about the perfect weather out here have caused El Nino

Ah, to be so powerful ... <very big grin>

Be well, Hadass

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