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packed lunches & meat subs

For Chang Wee Cheng, who needs to take lunch to school:  Find a large, 
wide-mouth thermos bottle.  You can take hot stews and soups with you.  I 
find that having food hot and ready to eat makes the oily cafeterias and 
restaurants less tempting!  I take leftovers, and I usually make a big pot 
of soup on Sunday to eat during the week whenever I don't have time to 
cook.  If you can carry two thermos' with you, you can put grains in one 
and stew in the other.

For Bob Cox, who is a former meat-lover going vegan, good for you!  Check 
out the Morningstar Farms products, especially their crumbles in a tube, 
and the Yves products like Gimme Lean.  I don't know which products are 
vegan as opposed to vegetarian, so read the labels.  My meat-loving in-laws 
find these solid enough for them, that tactile solidness seems to be part 
of the meat craving.  Check out the recipe archives for the pseudo-meatloaf 
recipes as well.  I can't stand seitan, either, and rinsing away the rest 
of the grain just to eat the gluten seems wasteful.  You might want to try 
mixed whole-grain pilafs for a more pleasant chewiness.  Oh, and shiitake 
mushrooms are nice and chewy in stews and soups.
Anne Cox (no relative)