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FF Margarine

	Fancy seeing you here!!  ;-P  I've tried the fat free margarines, and I'd
just as soon be poked in the eye with a sharp stick as eat anything with
that gelatinous mess on it again.  Try it once, just to make sure, but I
wouldn't advise buying large amounts of it the first time.  Not only is the
taste thoroughly unremarkable-to-yucky, but you can't cook with it.  It's
main value is in entertainment, as when you get to watch someone try to
saute with it the first time!  It's probably like trying to fry something
in Jello.  It also gets a grainy texture in the fridge after a while (how
do you spell out a shudder?).


>What I have come across in the occasional American cookbook is the use of
>fat free margarine.  Wow!  Can anyone provide info on what it's made from?
>Can this be found in Buffalo, and is it worth a try?

     Jane Smith		           			
     Special Collections, Pickler Memorial Library                     
     Truman State University (formerly NMSU)		
     Kirksville, Missouri  USA