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RE: FATFREE Digest V98 #67

Hi Pam -

Another batch of great resources....

I wrote:
<<Watch out for the
PC vegetable appetizers - they contain demi glace.  Be sure to check out
their dry soups in a cup products, too.>>

Pam wrote:
I don't get President's Choice in the grocery stores I go to, but I am not
familiar with "demi glace", what is that?

Demi glace is a "sauce" made from boiling and super condensing b**f.  Very,
very, condensed.
Actually, it's not supposed to boil, even.

Anyway, PC brands carry a mushroom appetizer that ***used to*** mention what
the ingredients of the demi glace separately; now it just says 'demi glace'.
What surprises me is that it's so far down the list that it can't possible
make any difference in the taste.  It annoys me that the sometimes promote
this product as a veggie product (probably out of ignorance, though).  Funny
that a brand that sells casseroles with rennet-free cheese would do this.

You are so right about the ethnic stores - lots of choice.

>They are not supposed to add GST onto food items.  You have the right to
object if they do.

Yah, I know...I'm currently protesting the fact that they charged me GST on
my personal belongings that I brought across when I immigrated.  The tell me
it may take years to get back the thousands of dollars they owe me... but
that's another message list.