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Sugar cravings

Amy said:

> Looking for advice -- I've found that while eating vlf for the past year and a
> half, my sugar intake is through the roof. Any advice out there on how best to
> cut down or eliminate my 2nd favorite vice?  I'm wondering if my sugar
> addiction is really a vitamin deficiency.
Ah, yes, this sounds mighty familiar!  I used to have terrible sugar
cravings, which unfortunately I quenched with lots of sugary stuff.
What I have discovered (thanks to Dr. McDougall) is that when you
crave sugar, you are really craving carbohydrates.  What's the
simplest carbohydrate?  Sugar.  To satisfy this urge in a more
healthful way, eat complex carbohydrates like whole grains, cereals,
etc.  I like snacking on whole grains cooked with cinnamon and vanilla
extract with some raisins thrown in.  Very satisfying to the sweet

Stick with whole grain carbohydrates, rather than processed stuff.