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Re: Miso

Although miso is higher in fat, at least when eaten by itself, than 
the guidelines of this list allow, a small amount used as part of a 
larger low fat recipe may not raise the calories from fat over ten 

Average nutritional analysis of miso is 26 percent of calories
from fat, 52 percent from carbohydrates, 22 percent from protein.

One teaspoon of miso                    One tablespoon of miso
        11.8             Calories                 35.4.
         0.348 g           Fat                     1.044 g
         0.6   g           Protein                 2.031 g
         1.6   g         Carbohydrate              4.86  g
Neal Pinckney <> Healing Heart Foundation <> Makaha, Hawaii <> AH6HM