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Does anyone have any recipes for polenta, by any chance? I've tried it
before and it's exquisite, but I've got a feeling you need a lot of oil to
make it and it seems rather difficult and fiddly...

Nothing could be easier, actually. Boil water in a pot. Pour in your polenta
(coarse cornmeal) and simmer, stirring occasionally, for 5 to 10 minutes to
make a thick porridge. Spread into a non-stick pan and bake approx. 375
degrees F. 'til it is the way you like it. Cool. Cut into squares or fancy
shapes as the situation warrants. After this it can be further broiled,
fried, grilled, refrigerated, microwaved, frozen, or simply eaten over the
sink with your fingers and a jar of jam. Any added flavourings or
ingredients are optional. Italians like their polenta on the plate with a
lot of olive oil the way SAD adherents like butter for their bread, but it's
only a matter of taste and preference, not required for the dish to come out