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> Does anyone have any recipes for polenta, by any chance? I've tried it
> before and it's exquisite, but I've got a feeling you need a lot of oil to
> make it and it seems rather difficult and fiddly...
> Thanks,
> Zoe.

You don't need any oil at all! The way my mum makes it, you just put
water, polenta flower and some salt (to taste) in a  big pot. once it
gets to a nice consistency, you plop it out onto a serving plate and
then scoop it out to the dinner plates. If there are any crusts in the
pot, just pour a *little* bit of water in, and put it back on the stove
untill you can scrape the crusts off and use them to eat the molten
polenta - they're better than tortilla chips!!! If you have any left
over polenta - just put it in the refrigerator. It will get stiff enough
that you can cut it into bricks - then bake the bricks in an oven.
You'll en up with polenta bricks that are crunchy on the outside, and
moist on the inside. No oil needed, although you might want to make a
sauce to go along with it. I used to eat my polenta with the gravy from
my mum's pot roast, which was basically oil with bits of meat floating
in it (yuck!). Now I just eat it plain or with veggies.