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Simple Smoothies

This recipe is one that has simplified my summer refreshment and rejuvination!
It is a hit with children and suprise  guests as well.  I usually buy my
favorite fruits in bulk so that I may freeze them ahead of time.  Making sure
to cut the larger fruits (like bananas and papaya) into bite size squares and
then freezing them in a large zip-lock type bag lying flat on the freezer
shelf to insure that each peice is frozen separately.  Many bags can be placed
on top of one another to save space.  I also buy blueberries, place the box
into a zip-lock and freeze thusly.  This may sound like a lot of preparation,
but it's worth it!!

With a cup of your favorite fruit juice, place any combination of the
following of your favorite frozen fruits, one at a time, into a blender:
Pitted Cherries
Citrus fruits
anything that freezes well
Add any fresh fruits that do not freeze well like:
Blackberries and Boysenberries Apples, etc.
Optional additives:
Wheat Germ
Wheat Grass
Flax Meal

Blend until smooth and delicious!  Ready all summer - just pop a few pieces of
frozen fruit into a blender with one cup of juice - voila!  Instant nutritious