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Meat substitutes

Hi Everyone!

  I thought I would share a good experience I had last night with a meat
substitute.  I had a craving recently for, yes Meatloaf, mashed
potatoes, and peas!  It must be all this depressing weather or something
to make me crave these comfort foods from childhood.  I can't remember
the last time I even *thought* about meatloaf much less craved it!  My
SO was laughing at me because this is so NOT a meal that I would
normally make.  

  Anyway, I recently noticed Gimme Lean FF ground beef substitute in the
grocery store, so I figured I try it out.  I thought the worst that
could happen is that I'd throw away the meatloaf and eat mashed potatoes
and peas for dinner!  So I took my old meatloaf recipe that I used to
make as a kid and just substituted the Gimme Lean for the ground
beef...it was great!  Totally satisfied my craving!  My SO said he liked
it as much as he's ever liked any meatloaf...that means that meatloaf
has never been one of his favorites, but he did go back for thirds!

  And now I have meatsub-loaf sandwiches for lunch this week :-)



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