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Sue wrote:
> It seems to me that I had heard somewhere that you must salt and drain
> the eggplant due to the toxicity of the liquid that comes from it.

Huh? I never salt eggplant and I've never heard that it is toxic. Seems 
highly unlikely to me, since there are so many recipes which require the 
eggplant to be roasted or diced, without any salting. 4000 years of Middle 
Eastern cooking would have uncovered any toxicity, I think ... but mind 
you, I am not a dietician, this is JMHO.

> liquid may be what causes the bitter flavor.  In any case, I always salt
> and let the eggplant sit for about 1/2 hour before cooking, then rinse
> and pat dry with paper towel.

If you make sure that your eggplant doesn't have too many seeds in it, it 
won't be bitter in any case. I think this business of salting and draining 
is a bit like the story of the woman who always cut the end off the roast. 
(If you don't know this story, I don't want to waste bandwidth on it here; 
write to me and I'll tell it to you).

Be well, Hadass

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