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Grain salads & eggplant

Sorry this is not a recipe but I just tried a new deli salad
that was really different (VLF even)... the main difference was
dulse, the seaweed that's reddish in little bits, mixed in with
corn.  I can't remember all the ingredients but I think it had
some other small chopped veggies and a lime or lemon juice dressing.
Very simple and tasty.  Next time I go there (the new Nature's
Hearland in Wayland Mass for those of you nearby), I will definitely
try to take better notes on the ingredients.

For eggplant, try to get the Italian eggplants (the long skinny kind),
I think they cook better.  Understand that in restaurants most eggplant
is softened nicely by cooking in lots of oil, so the texture you are
going to get w/o oil will be a bit different.  My favorite "parmigian"
type VLF recipe turns out more "eggplant chips" than classically soft 
parmigian....   A better way to cook it VLF is to roast it, grilling
it over open fire is best but you can also roast in in the oven.  Turn
& cook the whole eggplant until the outside is as charred as you can
stand it, or very very mushy.  Peel the skin when cooled a bit, then
you have the base for baba ganoush, or eggplant salad, or (if you cooked
small skinny ones) refrigerate, chop into bite size pieces and add 
grated ginger and soy sauce to taste, and you have yakinasu, a Japanese 
summer dish.

Aiko Pinkoski