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Hi!  I have been reading on this list for several weeks now and appreciate all
the recipes/tips/etc.  My question:  I recently had a blood test which showed
that I have very low cholesterol and high triglycerides.  I eat a VLF vegan diet
(no oil, no meat, no eggs or dairy), so I was a little confused and discouraged
at this news.  I discussed my diet with my doctor, and he said triglyceride
levels have more to do with how the body metabolizes food than with what type of
food one eats.  Does this mean there's nothing I can do?  I do have some extra
weight I need to lose--could this be the cause of the high triglycerides?

Someone on the list mentioned a connection between eating lots of carbohydrates
and having high triglycerides--this is the first I've heard about anything like
that.  I'd be interested in finding out what the connection is and why.  I'd
also be interested in any tips or suggestions for lowering triglycerides that
you know about or that have worked for people on this list.

Thanks a bunch--