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Milk, calcium, frosts and eggs ... help please :-)

Hi all,

I just love all the tips I am getting from this digest.  You are really
helping this new vegetarian learn things fast.  I do have one complaint
and that is your comments on the warm weather ... it is winter in New
Zealand at the moment and that means frosts and no fresh berries or lettuce

Anyway what I want to know is does anyone have any tips of what to do with
soy milk.  I tried it the other day with some quik and I didn't like it ..
it tasted like cardboard.  Another related questions is:  I am trying to
cut out milk and was wondering if anyone had some tips and recipes for me
on how to get enough calcium. 

What is the deal with honey?  I am still a vegetarian if I eat honey?  If
I cut out eggs from my diet is there something I can substitute them with in

Thanks heaps for your help :-)

Phil :-)


Philippa Martin BE (HONS)
PhD Student,
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
University of Canterbury, 
Private Bag 4800,
Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND.

Phone: wk. [64](3) 364-2987 extn 7034 
       hm. [64](3) 359-5814

e-mail: martinpa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx