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Re: "moon tea"

>If you need iced tea in a hurry, though, you can make it the way my mother
>always did, by making a tea concentrate by steeping the tea bags in a
>saucepan of hot water until you get a really strong tea (bring the water to
>a boil, turn the heat off, add as many tea bags as you would for the whole
>jug, let sit for 15 minutes or so).  Either let it cool a bit or very
>carefully pour the concentrate into your jug and fill to the top with cold
>water (and ice, if you want to).

Ah, yes, this is the 'accepted' way of making ice tea in the south.
Unfortunately, altho' I consider myself "southern" (having been here for
about 30 years), my tea is ALWAYS cloudy.  Thus, I make "sun" tea but will
now certainly try "moon" tea.  And, no, I don't drink it sweetened.  You
have to ask for unsweetened tea, however, in the south.

Diane in NC