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Portabella Mushrooms and Sage Roasted Potatoes

Been wanting to send these recipies to the list
for a long time.  You guys got me interested in
portabella mushrooms and I tried and sandwitch
with them at a deli---great!---so tried to reproduce
it.  I did good:
Portabella Mushroom, Sun dried tomatoes Sand-

Fry sliced mushrooms in a bit of water or the juice
from reconstituted dried tomatoes until just barely
cooked with lid on.   Make sandwitch with mush-
rooms, recostituted tomatoes, and baby spinach
leaves. Pour a little of the juice from the reconstituted
tomatoes on for dressing.  I used Sourdough bread.

Portabella Mushrooms and Zuchinni Medley
and Roasted Red Peppers.

Fry mushrooms in a tiny bit of water until just
cookedlid on.  Remove from pan.  Fry sliced
Zuchinni in a tiny bit of water lid on until just
cooked.  Add roasted red peppers from jar
with a bit of the juice and then add the mush-
rooms--open pan and heat just a bit.  Delicious

Fresh Sage Roasted Potatoes

Works best with Yukon Gold potatoes.
Microwave until half done.  Slice in  large pieces
for roasted potatoes.  Line a cookie sheet with
foil.  I spray a bit of olive oil on the foil and wipe,
just enough so as not to stick. Cover the pan with
a layer of fresh sage leaves torn in small pieces.
Sprinkle with rock salt.  Place Potatoe slices on
top and then Roast in 400 degree oven until
browned or crisped, about 40 min.  Watch it the
first time so you don't burn.

Hope you enjoy the recipies
Catherine in Mich