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veglife ,sweet potatoes and wheat berries

Nan, To contact veglife, send message to :
I have never eaten a sweet potato in my life but thanks to all the
posts,it is on my shopping list for this weekend.Thanks for all the
I get my wheat berries from my neighbor. I grind them in my grain
grinder which has 6 settings from coarse down to very fine. I always use
the berries I have to make everything,including breads and baked goods
like cakes.I've never had any problems with any baking.
Should I be using a different variety of berry for each item I make?.
When making bread, I grind my grain more coarsely,when making cakes,
cookies etc... I grind my berries on the lowest setting,very fine.
My neighbor grows hard winter wheat berries.I buy about 6 bushels at
harvest time and it lasts me all year.
I post very infrequently but read every day and have tried many of the
posted recipes.
Thanks for all the sharing.