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Apricot sauce

At 03:18 AM 7/15/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Also, while in Maine recently, I dined at a wonderful little bistro. They
had a
>delectable sauce on the
>ch*cken, which is a no-no on this list, but would also be very good on tempeh
>or lowfat tofu. Simply mix apricot preserves with allspice to taste. It is
>truly amazing. 

When I used to eat chicken I used to use apricot preserves a lot when I had
people over for dinner. (I was poor then, so chicken was a treat.) I would
mix about 2 parts apricot preserves to 1 part mustard. Another really good
sauce was BBQ sauce mixed with horseradish. When you bake it over the
tempeh, tofu, whatever, the heat of the horseradish tends to bake off and
you just get a good flavor.

Take care,

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