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Rye Bread

Not too long ago, I bought a bread machine ($49 Special at Walmart!!) and
have been churning out loaves like crazy.  I've just used the recipes in
the included booklet, omitting the butter and oil, and the bread is
excellent.  My only problem has been with the Rye Bread.  I've made two
loaves so far, and I've had to pry both of them out using various tools.
The only way I've been successful in getting them out is to slide a knive
around the outside of the loaf, then cut a vertical slice, which must be
pried out (usually in pieces).  You can imagine what my pan's once-perfect
nonstick interior looks like now.  None of my ww or white loaves have given
me any problems; after waiting a several minutes, I just shake the
upside-down pan a few times and the bread fall out!  Does anyone have any
ideas why the rye bread would be different?  I considered that the whole
grain might be a problem, but if so, wouldn't the 100% ww bread be the
same?  I'm so confused!