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Re: empty fridge

Hi Judith,

Glad to hear you made it through the storm okay.  (I hope you have your
power back now, we were lucky and only lost power for about 12 hours.)
When our power went out my refrigerator was already looking pretty
desolate, the only food I had that didn't have to be cooked was rice cakes,
salsa and canned refried beans (at least they were fat free!).  

Your nutritional yeast will be okay, I keep mine in the cupboard.  Some
things that I keep in the fridge and freezer for quick food fixes are:
tortillas, cooked rice, cooked beans, a couple of packages of frozen mixed
vegetables, a box of tofu, plenty of salsa, teriyaki sauce ... uh, what
else ... some fat free rice milk (I'm a vegan), fruit of course, lettuce
(when I can afford it).  With this type of food I'm usually able to throw
together a stir fry or some beans and tortillas or a bowl of cereal, simple
but healthy and satisfying foods.

(I was just driving down Bowery Street a few minutes ago when a tree fell
into the street just after I passed it. I saw a bit earlier this morning
that another tree on Kirkwood had just fallen!  Be careful out there, it
doesn't seem to be over.)

Debbie, also in Iowa City, who is very grateful that the tree just missed
falling on her car and that she actually had a flashlight with batteries
that worked

At 02:06 AM 7/3/98 EDT, JUDITHHWC@xxxxxxx wrote:
>We just went through a big storm and power outage--long enough that I am now
>Judith, in less-treed but not treeless Iowa City