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High-fat tofu, Yves and a ff smile for ya

Hi, all,

Danielle was asking about tofu and may not realize how high fat a product it
is.  In case any newbies (or people who just didn't know) are interested, I
thought I'd post to the list.  If you check your tofu label (and I do use the
mori-nu lite often, but sparingly.  If you'd like recipes, please ask
privately) you will find that even the lowfat tofu is about 20-30% fat.
That's 'way too high to be the main focus of what would otherwise be a vlf

As far as Yves products, they are not generally available in our regular
grocery stores here in central NJ, although my local ShopRite now carries
Gimme Lean.  They carry two flavors of Boca burgers and lots of Morningstar
Farms, of which I buy only the Black Bean burgers.  If I want Yves I have to
go to the HFS which is happily in the same complex as the ShopRite.

As for the smile, my nine-year-old (the one who pronounced a lentil recipe
"bad-health free") came up with another one.  There is a song from the 1950's
(we like to listen to oldies on the radio) called "Sea Cruise".  In it the guy
sings, "Whooee!  Whooee, baby!" and my little man looked at me quizzically and
asked, "Is he singing about whole wheat??"