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Re: roasted garlic

on Tue, 28 Jul 1998 16:57:36, "Elizabeth J. Rowe" <erowe02@xxxxxxxxx> wrote
>One time I tried roasting garlic in the oven and it made the whole house
>smell like burning tires, if you can believe that.  I think I may have

I have roasted galic on several occasions with great results.  I use a clay
ceramic roasting bowl, which is  glazed on the inside.  A small clay flower
pot, with the pot inverted on the saucer, would approximate this device.
On the other hand, i bought the roater for a few dollars at a clearence

I would imagine that putting galic in the oven with no cover, or with foil
only, would cook it, not roast it.


One year later, I got transfered to the moon
worse pay, better hours
I got transfered to the moon
worse pay, better fellow workers.
-was (not was)