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Thanksgiving (Part 1)

You could go traditional (minus fat or meat) or something very
untraditional.   I would opt for traditional.  Thanksgiving is easier than
you think to make meatless and fat free.  You can have a great meal with
traditional flavors, no meat and very low fat.

1. "Mock Turkey Cutlets" with Dressing and Gravy.
2. Fatfree Mashed Potatoes with eight FF veg Sour Cream and Chives or
Molly McButter or just salt.  People will put gravy over them anyway.
3. Veggies such as peas and carrots.  
4. Baked mashed Sweet Potato
5. Pumpkin crustless pie OR pie made with fatfree crust.
6. Optional - Dressing baked in Pumpkin if you want a "presentation dish"

It would be a great place to have your Mom help you cook the meal.  That
way you can help her modify her traditional recipes for fat-free living
and you family would have the flavors they remember for the holiday.

Remember.  Spices sometimes have to be adjusted.  Things which cook a long
time tend to lose the more volitle oils faster in fatfree recipes than in
those containing fat.  On the other hand fat tends to "dilute" the flavors
of some of the volitile oils in spices.  For example pumpkin pie.  It is
not boiled a long time so the volitile oils in the Cinnamon and Cloves do
not tend to escape more than in a fatty pie made with cr**m.  If you make
your pie with fatfree condensed milk expect to use LESS spice.  I find I
need only about half for a fatfree version.  On the otherhand stock which
tends to boil a while quickly losed volitile oils in the poultry
seasoning.  You may want to use more.  Always taste and let your common
sense be your guide.

(To be continued)

Barb Beck
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada